Morgan Taylor Spring 2022 (‘Full bloom’)

It’s time for the Morgan Taylor Spring 2022 collection! I think we kind of start seeing a theme here because this collection is going to be called ‘Full bloom‘.

This is the official description of Morgan Taylor:

”Spring is in the air and the Gelish and Morgan Taylor Full Bloom Spring 2022 Collection is here to welcome it! A selection of shades that celebrate all the fresh floral hues of springtime, Full Bloom offers a bouquet of eye-catching, colorful crèmes plus a delicate glitter that may be worn on its own or as an overcoat.”

The collection will consist of the following colors:

  • Feeling Fleur-ty: The delicate pink glitter that they are talking about in the description
  • I lilac what I’m seeing: a dusty lilac creme
  • Best buds: A light blue/grey creme
  • Bloom service: A dusty green creme
  • Plant one on me: A pink creme
  • Pick me please!: A light pink creme
The Morgan Taylor Spring 2022 shades: Feeling Fleur-ty, I Lilac what I’m seeing, Best buds, Bloom service, Plant one on me, and Pick me Please!

I must admit, I definitely see what they are going for with this collection. I personally really like how these shades look together. Maybe it is not the most unique color palette for spring, but I definitely like it.

I have found this collection over here on Beyond Polish, but it is not in stock yet.

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