Morgan Taylor Spring 2023 (‘Pure beauty’)

Just another sneak peek of a spring 2023 collection! Morgan Taylor is, of course, also with a new spring 2023 collection again in collaboration with Gelish. The collection is going to be called ‘Pure beauty’ and is again going to consist of six new shades. I have seen this collection before, floating around on the internet, but I actually didn’t realize it was a new collection because it looked so much like Morgan Taylor’s Spring 2022 collection.

Anyway, the new collection is inspired by the natural landscape around us and inspired by the colors and textures we see around us during the spring season. A typical spring collection so to say!

The new colors are going to be called:

-Pretty simple (a light nude creme)
-Radiant renewal (a dusty coral creme)
-Malva (a medium purple)
-Bed of petals (a bright pink creme)
-Leaf it all behind (a moss-green creme)
-Test the waters (a slate blue creme)

Morgan Taylor Spring 2023 collection ‘Pure beauty’

I couldn’t find an official release date yet, but my guess is that these shades are probably going to be released soon!

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