Swatch of Essie Feel the fizzle (Spring 2023)

Somehow, I already got my hands on one polish of Essie’s new spring 2023 collection: Essie Feel the fizzle. Feel the fizzle is the namesake of Essie’s self care-inspired spring collection. There are currently a number of retailers in the US that already have this collection (among other Ulta). The collection is also going to be released soon in Europe (and might already be available in France).

I was able to find the official description of Feel the fizzle on the Essie UK website: ‘vibrant light pink nail polish with multi-dimensional blue and pink pearls’. When I look at the shade, I’m seeing a sheer pink base filled with small blue shimmer and larger pink flakes. I first tested Feel the fizzle on its own, but it’s very sheer. My guess is that it’s meant to be applied over the other shades from the Spring 2023 collection.

Essie Feel the fizzle over Love by Essie Free in me

Since I couldn’t find the new shades yet, I have applied Feel the fizzle over a new pink color from Love by Essie, called Free in me (check out the review over here). It results in a very subtle shimmery pink look. It’s very cute, but also very subtle.

Essie Feel the fizzle over Essie After school boy blazer (navy), over bare nails, over Essie Fishnet stockings (red), and over Essie Licorice (black)

I did not want to leave it there and wanted to try Feel the fizzle over some other base colors. You can see in the picture above, that the color is far from opaque on my bare nails. Feel the fizzle over After school boy blazer and Licorice are definitely my favorite combinations. Especially over Essie Licorice, Feel the fizzle turns into this amazing rainbow flakie topcoat.

Finally, I want to end with a disclaimer. The version that I own of Feel the fizzle is the European version. Essie sometimes releases a slightly different version in North America. This also appears to be the case for Feel the fizzle. If you want to see the North American version, look at the video from Janixa below. She also has swatches of the other shades of the spring collection!

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