Most Popular Nail Polish Shades of Fall 2023

Now that Fall is officially over and we have officially entered the Winter season, it’s time to do a short recap of the most popular nail polish shades of Fall 2023! I will admit, I find this quite an interesting set of shades, with some shades that we have seen before and some newer ones too!

In case you haven’t seen this series before: This is a series of posts on my blog where I swatch the previous season’s five most popular nail polish shades. I’m using the data from my Pinterest Analytics to see which shades have been the most popular that season!

5. Essie Peppermint condition

Essie Peppermint Condition never made it to this top five shades before. It did often almost make it into the top 5, so I’m not surprised that this time it’s actually here. Swatching this shade again really filled me up with warm holiday memories. However, the shade is also quite tricky to apply. I’m wearing three coats in this picture and on my ring finger you can clearly still see that it’s quite patchy. It’s not super obvious in real life because the gold shimmer is quite overpowering, but the formula could have been a bit better.

Essie Peppermint Condition was a limited edition release for Essie’s Winter 2020 Love at Frost Sight collection. All these shades had a similar concept of gold shimmer in a colored base. I wish Essie would be doing holiday collections like that again! If you’re still able to find this collection, it’s definitely worth picking it up if you’re into shimmers like this.

4. OPI I’m really an actress

OPI I’m really an actress always pops up in my list around the Holidays. For a good reason, because she is just the most amazing holiday red! The polish is filled with holographic and gold shimmer in a pinkish-red base. She might be difficult to find, depending on where you live, so if you can still find her, I would definitely pick her up!

3. OPI Leaf by example

OPI Leaf by example is the newest member of this list. This new extension of OPI’s nature strong collection was released in February 2023. I can definitely see why this shade made it into the top 5 during the holiday season, because this deep green is just absolutely perfect for Christmas. Swatching this one again made me realize how gorgeous this one really is!

2. Essie Win me over

Essie Win me over has always been in this top 5 since I started doing this 1.5 years ago. Although this is also one of my favorite shades, I’m really surprised that it’s still in here! In case your still looking for a wearable green polish: Win me over is really nice and is opaque in one coat. Definitely a good pick!

1. OPI Espresso your inner self

Espresso your inner self came out of nowhere last time and dethroned Essie Win me over. Brown cremes have been incredibly popular this year, so I’m not surprised. Espresso your inner self has a really nice formula, and it’s just a very nice shade of brown that’s so cosy in fall and winter! If you’re still looking for a solid brown creme, then this one is a good option to consider!

Most popular nail polish shades of 2024?

Of course, I will also end with a prediction for next year. If your searching the web for popular nail polish colors for 2024, black will probably be said to be the `it’ color. To be honest, I’m not seeing that back in my Pinterest Analytics yet. It could definitely be a thing for next fall and winter, but it’s probably not going to be popular this winter/spring? So what am I seeing? Still a lot of muted neutrals and muted shades in general. My prediction is that shades like OPI Kind of a twig deal are going to be really popular. Honestly, those type of shades are also pretty amazing for transitioning from winter to spring!

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