Essie Spring 2024 (Blushin’ & Crushin’)

At this point, I think 90% of my blog just consists of announcements that Essie is releasing a new collection (and I haven’t even posted them all yet!). Essie thinks Christmas is over and it’s time to start releasing their spring collection!

I could not find a lot of information about the new spring collection, but this is all it said: “The 2024 Spring Trend Nail Polish Collection takes from the latest fashion and cultural trends to make your manicure possibilities endless.”

The new colors are going to be called:

  • Spring Fling (a bright pink coral with a gold shimmer)
  • Tu-lips touch (a blue cream)
  • Flirty flutters (a blush purple shimmer)
  • First kiss bliss (a pastel green)
  • Blushin’ & Crushin’ (a vibrant pink)
  • Meet-cute moment (a coral shimmer)
Essie’s new Spring 2024 collection

I love that this collection is a mix of shimmers and creams! It feels like Essie is finally listening a bit to what people want. I’m personally especially excited about Spring Fling, it looks like a color that I would love.

What worries me a bit about this collection, is that it is marketed as `the’ spring collection. However, the shades all have names that remind me of Valentine’s Day. I wonder if this means we won’t get a Valentine’s Day collection this year.

So far, I’ve only seen this collection on Ulta Beauty’s website, however, I’m sure it will be available soon everywhere!

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