Essie Expressie Power Moves (Winter/Spring 2024)

In a previous post, I already ‘warned’ you that more new Essie collections were coming. Today, I finally had some time to piece a picture together of Essie’s new Expressie collection called ‘Power moves’.

Expressie is Essie’s quick dry line. I believe that nowadays twice a year (or once a year) a new collection appears of these shades. The colors tend to be a little bit more `trendy’ than the regular Essie classic line and the names on the bottles are clearly always targeted towards a younger (Tiktok) audience. The shades in the new power moves collection are called:

  • Take a breakdance (a light neutral)
  • Feel the hype (a dark blue creme)
  • Choreo queen (a medium purple creme)
  • Main character moment (a chartreuse green)
  • Never skip a beat (a medium brown creme)
  • Power moves ( a medium pink)
The new Essie Expressie Power Moves collection

So far, this collection has only been spotted on Amazon US and Amazon Canada. On the Amazon Canada it is possible to preorder the shades and to let them ship on the 1st of January. On Amazon US, the shades are available immediately.

I’m not sure if these shades are going to be available in Europe, I haven’t heard anything about this collection!

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