Masura -The Pillars of Creation (Magnetic Gradient)

bottle of Masura the pillars of creation

When I’m looking for nail polish on Instagram, I keep being amazed by the magnetic polishes of Masura. Today I’m showing you the last one that I bought. It’s called the Pillars of creation and it’s from the Magnetic Gradient collection.

swatch of masura the pillars of creation

When you apply the polish, it first looks like the most ugly, stripy metallic polish that you will ever see. However once you keep de magnetic close to your nail, it suddenly evolves in a gorgeous jelly with incredible depth and holo particles. It’s really fascinating! The pillars of creation was definitely a bit sheer and I needed three coats to get even application. Masura says that you can apply the polish on its own or wear it over a black base. In the picture above I’m wearing it on its own. In the picture below, I’m wearing three coats over black except on my pinky finger where I’m wearing it on its own.

Masura the pillars of creation over black

I personally like it better over black than on its own. The black base just makes it extra pretty. The only downside is that you still need to apply three coats, so it’s quite a lot of work.

What I still don’t really like about these magnetic polishes is that you don’t really have control over the shape of the magnetic part. It depends for a large part on the way that you apply the polish and sometimes you can still see brush strokes. Sometimes the polish just doesn’t want to become magnetized, which leaves a strange metallic part on the nail. Masura still releases amazing magnetic polishes, but this thing makes me doubt if I will buy any more because it just annoys me too much! Of course this is just me being picky!

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