Essie – Bump up the pumps (Winter 2014)

I’m determined to wear all my older Essie polishes. That’s why I have another oldie today called Bump up the pumps from the Winter 2014 collection. I remember being quite disappointed with the Winter 2014 collection. Half of them had a horrible formula and the other half of the collection didn’t seem to belong to a winter collection. I nevertheless decided to pick up Bump up the pumps, when I saw it in a discount store.

Essie calls Bump up the pumps a “raucous coral mauve”. From all those words, only coral seems accurate. This polish neither seems “raucous” nor “mauve” to me. Bump up the pumps is a slightly dusty coral polish that leans quite red. I have to admit that I don’t think my pictures show the color very accurately. But when I was searching for other pictures of Bump up the pumps I noticed that some pictures look really different from my nail polish. I think there might be a difference between the European and US version of this polish, but I’m not 100 percent sure. I’m showing the EU version here.

The formula was really well! Two super easy coats were enough for full coverage. I definitely wish that more polishes were like this one. I don’t think the color is that unique (although it is quite pretty) but the formula makes this polish worth picking up.

Although Bump up the pumps is an oldie, it should still be quite easy find it in an online store. In a physical store it might be a little bit harder, because Essie didn’t put this one in their permanent collection. But maybe you have some luck in some discount stores! For people shopping in the Netherlands; I bought mine at the Big Bazar for 3.50 euro.

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