Essence – Outta space is the place (Out of space stories)

Bottle of Outta Space is the place

The last polish I want to show you from Essence’s Out of space stories collection is Outta space is the place. Back in spring I’ve shown you the other ones that I bought, Beam me up! 1000 light years away and We will spock you. The reason that I waited so long before reviewing Outta space is the place, is that I expected I wouldn’t really like this polish. It kept lying in the pile of untried polishes and I was never motivated to wear it. Until now!

swatch of Essence Outta space is the place from the Out of space stories collection

Outta space is the place is a light pink polish with an intense green shimmer. Unfortunately in my pictures you don’t really see the shimmer on the nail, but you can really see it in the bottle. In real life the shimmer is also really visible, although it sometimes looks a little bit more pearly instead of green.

Swatch of Outta space is the place from Essence's Out of Space stories collection

The formulation of light pinks is often not great, and this one is no different. It was on the thick side, and the next time I use it I will definitely add thinner. Because of its consistency, I had quite a few bubbles after it was dry. A nice thick coat of glossy top coat solved this problem. Still, the polish needed three coats to become completely opaque. Because of the shimmer you can also see some brush strokes. It didn’t bother me that much, but I know that some people really hate it.

As it turns out, I really loved this polish! I planned on wearing it for only one day but I ended up wearing it for the complete week. I did some accent nails with holographic powder and it combined amazingly with Outta space is the place. A very unexpected favorite for me, and it might even turn out to be my favorite of the hole collection!

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