Essie – Haute in the heat (Summer 2014)

Bottle of essie haute in the heat

I have Essie Haute in the heat already in my possession since Summer 2015. I found the mini bottles in a discount store a year after this collection was released. Of course I had to buy it, because back then I didn’t own many Essie polishes and it looked liked the best deal ever. Now, more than 2 years after I bought this collection, I’m finally wearing the first one!

Picture of Essie haute in the heat released in summer 2014

Haute in the heat is the kind of color that Essie releases almost every year. I’ve heard that Essie Watermelon is very similar (currently in the core collection) and I’m pretty sure there are more dupes. Essie described it as an “unforgettable hot guava” but that doesn’t mean anything to me. Personally I would call this a raspberry pink creme with a hint of red. Personally, I don’t really like pinks and that’s why it took me so long to wear this polish. However, because of the hint of red I find it very wearable! It’s like a summer-y twist on the classic red shade, definitely a must have. That’s probably the reason Essie releases so many shades like this one 😉 Because I stay away from shades like this, I don’t have any dupes.

swatch of Essie haute in the heat

The formula was also really nice, it almost covers in one coat. Because of the pictures and my application style I’m wearing two, but I’m pretty sure most people could get away with one. The application is also really nice, because the formula is not too thin and not too thick. I almost didn’t have to do any cleanup (which is really a rare thing for me).

In conclusion, would I recommend Haute in the heat to a friend? Definitely! The color is awesome and the application is superb. However, Essie didn’t put this polish in the permanent collection so it might become a little bit harder to find. That’s why I don’t think I would specifically recommend THIS Essie raspberry pink.

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