Revisited: Essie – Bump up the pumps (Winter 2014)

Hello people! Long time no see! I have been very busy with my work and personal life and I kind of neglected my blog. As some of you might know, last year I obtained my Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering:) Currently I’m pursuing my PhD! I had to go to some conferences (Yes! Free holidays 😉 and some non-interesting meetings and boring paper work unfortunately followed;) But, of course you are not here for that! You are here for nail polish. So let’s quit the chit chat and go on with the polish.

When I was wearing this polish again. I had no idea that I already reviewed it before. It was in my untried stash and I wanted a polish that fitted my skirt. It was finally a sunny day again (yes!) and I had my camera with me (yes!). So I didn’t think about it and just made a lot of pictures.

I found bump up the pumps in a discount store where they sometimes sell old Essie and OPI collections. It covers nicely in 2 coats and is kind of a dusty coral. It’s nothing world shocking, but it is a very nice cheap, coral, when you are able to find it. Would I pay the full amount? No probably not. It is the kind of shade that Essie releases at least 2 times a year, so you can probably find a similar shade.

If you are really interested in my last review you can find it over here.

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