Essence – Millennial Pink (shine last and go!)

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I found out that Essence had a new nail polish collection called: Shine last and go. I am really getting tired sometimes of following everything! I did some researching, and some of the shades seem to be the same as before, and some of them seem to be new. Millenial Pink is one of the new shades.

This find was more of an accident. I saw one of my family members wearing a beautiful soft pink nude polish and it was gorgeous. However, that family member is way more tanned than me and it was kind of an expensive shade. She works in an Ici Paris XL (a cosmetics store in the Netherlands), so it is easier for her to get those kind of shades. I went to my local drugstore, and the lady told me that I could first try a couple of cheap shades and when I found the perfect nude polish. I could buy a more expensive one in the same color.  This is actually a great idea! Would have saved me a lot of costs if I knew before 😉

When I used to work in a store I used to give customers the same tip. If you weren’t sure about a purchase (is it just for once, will I ever use it again?), than first buy the cheaper ones. For example, I have one or two quite expensive handbags. But before I bought the expensive ones, I first bought a couple of cheaper ones to test the size, then when I finally found a size I liked I bought kind of the same one in real leather from Rebecca Minkoff. Never thought about it, but you can use this with all kinds of stuffs. So never ever ever immediately buy the expensive stuff!

Anyway, back to Millennial Pink 😉 3 coats and you are fine, easy formula, nothing to complain. The brush seems to be the same as before, only the cap has changed. For me they didn’t really need to change it again, but in the end.. it’s not all about me. And of course there is a new reason to buy more colors now!

The name of Millennial Pink of course refers to the hype of the color “millennial pink”. This trend was almost impossible to miss but if you don’t know what it is, this article on Shutterstock explains it. I really like that Essence is trying to capture the hype into a nail polish. This is what I love about Essence. I know that a lot of people are tired of millennial pink and ready for something new. But I still enjoy this nail polish, it is such a fun polish for a very small price.

You can find Millennial Pink over here on German Amazon (affiliate link).

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I bought all these products myself.

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