Essence – Crashed the Party? (The gel nail polish)

Essence’s recent Out of space stories collection gets all the lovely lately, but Essence released more new nail polishes in the last month. I couldn’t find any reviews (yet) of the newest additions to the gel nail polish range, so I decided to take a chance and buy them myself! Today I’m going to show you the holographic nail polish “Crashed the party?”.

Swatch of Essence crashed the party on its own over bare nails

I’m not sure if I should say Crashed the Party? is a regular nail polish or a topcoat. It has a transparent base, filled with silver particles and larger holographic glitter. In the picture above, I’m wearing three coats over my bare nails. It doesn’t cover at all, and I don’t think it will be opaque when you apply more coats. In the picture below, I’m wearing one coat over black. I also don’t like this look. In the sun, it looks absolutely amazing, but in low light (left) I don’t really like it; it’s too opaque.

Essence crashed the party over black, on the left in the shade and on the right in sun

The polish dries gritty, because of the larger glitter particles. The removal of this polish is also not that easy, the glitter is hard to remove and the silver particles just get everywhere. To be honest, I  liked Crashed the Party? best over Essie’s Blossom Dandy (below), but for me, it is not really worth the trouble. I just don’t know what the “purpose” of this polish is. The only thing I can imagine it might be good for is some nail art. But to be honest, I don’t really feel like that.

swatch of essence crashed the party over Essie's blossom dandy

Usually, I’m always very positive about Essence, but this polish is just a big letdown for me. It looked very promising in the bottle, but we’re just not meant to be. I’m still hoping Essence will release a true holographic topcoat, because the holographic glitters in this polish are gorgeous! Until that time, I will stick with the Out of space stories collection!

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