Swatches of Essie Excuse me, sur (Spring 2017)

bottle of Essie excuse me sur, a coral pink polish from Essie's spring collection

I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t need any polishes of Essie’s spring collection. However, I secretly already decided that I definitely wanted the green one, On the roadie (review over here). When I saw a nice offer on a webshop somewhere, I decided to go for it! The only problem was, the offer only applied on two bottles. No problem! I also already secretly decided that I was interested in Excuse me, sur. So that’s the story of how I ended up with two shades of the new Essie collection.

Essie calls Excuse me, sur a “sun-kissed coral mango”, ehmm.. what? I see coral, but definitely no mango. I would personally call this a light pink coral. In natural light, it looks really pink, but in artificial light, the orange tones come out to play. The formula was a little bit on the thick side, but it was still quite easy to apply, especially for a light pink. However, next time I will for sure add a few drops of thinner. I noticed that the polish had dried with bubbles, but a nice layer of topcoat solved this problem. I’m wearing three coats in these pictures, however some nails were fine with two coats. It depends on your application, but this polish is on the border of two/three coats.

swatches of Essie excuse me sur

Before I bought Excuse me, sur, I was kind of in doubt if I really needed it. Coral nail polish is one of my favourites, so I was almost convinced that I had a dupe. Surprisingly, Excuse me sur is way lighter than the other coral polishes I own. For example, Sunday Funday (not in this picture) is much darker and more orange/red. The closest polish I own is Not just a pretty face. However, it is not as bright as Excuse me, sur and it has a transparent jelly formula. I’ve heard that Essie van d’go is very similar to Excuse me, sur. So if you own that one, you probably don’t need this one.Comparison of essie stones n' roses, excuse me sur, not just a pretty face and perennial chic

I’m so happy I bought Excuse me, sur; it is so gorgeous. I expected that I had many dupes, but it is completely unique in my collection. I’ve worn it for almost a week and I just keep enjoying this shade! I think it will look even more amazing on a tanned skin, so I know I will wear this again in summer. 

You can still find Excuse me, sur over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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