Picture Polish – Eerie (Collaboration shade with Very Emily)

bottle of picture polish eerie, a collaboration shade with very emily

Picture Polish Eerie is a true Picture Polish classic. It came out around the time I started collecting nail polish (in 2014). But back then, I was still into drugstore nail polish and I thought that Picture Polish shades were way too expensive. But ever since then I always admired Eerie. It’s just such a subtle, but unusual shade. Someone gifted it to me around August, but I just wore it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It fits perfectly with the time of year, because it is more or less in between winter and spring.

swatch of picture polish eerie, a lilac nail polish with a holographic finish

Eerie is a light purple shade with a hint of blue and grey. It has a very subtle holographic effect, which Picture Polish calls “bijou holo”. It basically means that the polish consists of iridescent flakes. No in-your-face rainbows, but it sparkles really pretty. I own more Picture Polish shades with their bijou holo finish, but even compared to those, Eerie is really subtle. However, I think it fits the polish, because the greyed out purple is also kind of subtle.

Swatch of Picture polish Eerie, a light purple nail polish with a holographic finish

The formula was very good for such a light shade, it covered in two easy coats. I’m not really sure if I like how the polish looks on my skin tone. I’m always really pale, but this polish makes it even worse. I don’t blame the polish, because I really like it, but maybe I should try wearing it in summer instead.

swatch of picture polish eerie, collaboration shade with very emily All in all, I still like Eerie. Very Emily was one of the first nail blogs I started following, so it’s nice to own a shade she created! Unfortunately, she stopped blogging recently, but her blog is still online. As far as I known, Eerie is still widely available, you can find it at the Picture Polish website, but they also have a lot of stockists all over the world.

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