Review of ILNP – Rosewater (Spring 2017)

picture of the bottle of ILNP rosewater, one of the color kissed holographics

It is no secret that I just love ILNP. Everytime they release new shades, I just want to order everything! Two weeks ago, they released their new spring collection. It consisted of 6 “regular” shades and a new line of 6 shades called “Color Kissed Ultra Holos”. The Color Kissed Ultra Holos are very strong, sheer holographic shades with duochrome shimmer running through. The polishes are all silver, but the differently colored shimmer makes them appear different. I kind of had mixed feelings about this new line, so I decided to get only one, Rosewater.

swatch of ILNP Rosewater from their Color Kissed Ultra Holos collection

Rosewater is a sheer silver holographic polish. It has a very strong duochrome shimmer, which is pink most of the time, but is gold under extreme angles. I almost couldn’t believe what I saw when I first applied this polish! It is such an unbelievably pretty combination, the very strong holo and the strong pink shimmer! In the picture below, I really tried to capture the pink shimmer, because on camera it was kind of hard to capture. But believe me, it is very noticeable in real life!

Picture capturing the pink shift of ILNP Rosewater on the nail

I’m wearing three coats in each of these pictures. I was kind of surprised when I was looking through the pictures, because my nail shows through. In real life it doesn’t look that way at all, there is so much shimmer and holographic sparkle going that the polish looks very opaque. I also saw this on swatch pictures before I ordered this polish, that’s why I had mixed feelings. So if you’re like me and don’t like your natural nail showing through your polish, you don’t have to worry! Removal was kind of easy; however, the shimmer gets everywhere (just look at the cap of my bottle)!

I also tried Rosewater over a black polish, but I like it better on its own. I’ve seen some pictures of it over lighter colors, and that looks really great though.

swatch of ILNP Rosewater from ILNP's spring 2017 collection

Again, ILNP totally amazed me! Rosewater is so pretty, I’ve never seen a polish like this before. I never even expected that something like this would be possible, it completely blew my mind! Now I kind of regret not ordering more of the Color Kissed- line. I definitely don’t think you need all of them, because they are all kind of similar, but I would definitely like to own a couple more!

Checkout more ILNP swatches over here.

2 thoughts on “Review of ILNP – Rosewater (Spring 2017)”

  1. I got Rosewater for Christmas 2018, I fell in love instantly. I’ll have to order a couple of extra bottles, for I can see myself using it very often from now on. Under the summer sun it’s going to stop traffic! 🙂

    1. Yes! It’s great! I remember ILNP Homecoming (an oldie) was my first ILNP polish. Instant love! I think I have over 20 bottles currently. Trying to stay away from the ILNP stockists currently.. because the new collections are too amazing.

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