Kiko – 391 Grass Green (Nail lacquer)

picture of the bottle of kiko 391 grass green, which is a medium green nail polish

OK, a little confession, this polish was in my untried stash for a couple of years. I’m really feeling terrible about it, but I couldn’t bring myself to wear it. Back then, I hated green nail polish, but I’ve slowly come to love them now. It started with neon green, then dark green and now I love almost all green polishes. But the truth is, I still didn’t like grass green polishes like the one I’m showing today. But, I finally overcame my “fear”.

On the bottle this polish is just called 391, but on the website it is called Grass Green. This fits perfectly so I’m going to call it that way. Grass Green is a medium green polish with a hint of yellow. It contains no shimmer and is “just” a regular creme. When I applied it,  I hated the color; I was convinced I would remove it within an hour. But I decided to give it a chance and to wear it a little longer. After a couple of hours I got used to it and even started love it. It is such an unusual color, but surprisingly, it looks good with a lot of other colors. I mean, look at how amazing it looks with my yellow shirt!
swatch of kiko 391 grass green in artificial lighting

I have nothing to complain about the formula of Grass Green. It was easy to apply and was opaque with two coats. There are some bubbles on my middle finger, but those are a result of my topcoat and not of the polish. I also love the brush of the Nail Lacquer line of Kiko, just a straight square brush but it works amazing.

swatch of Kiko 391 grass green, a medium green nail polish

When I was looking for the name of the polish on the Kiko website, I realized how long it was since I last bought a polish in their store. Every time I walk past it, it’s just crowded with people and I don’t feeling like going in. However, they have an amazing range of colors for a great price. They don’t shy away from unusual colors (I while ago I’ve reviewed a yellow Kiko polish), but they also have tons of reds and pinks. So far, the Nail Lacquer range is still my favorite, but their other polishes also look incredible. If you ever find a Kiko store, I would definitely recommend you to take a look, it’s like nail polish heaven!

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