China Glaze Spring 2022 (‘Mystic bloom’)

I present you… China Glaze’s Spring 2022 collection called Mystic bloom. We used now that when one brand starts releasing its spring collection, more will follow. I think China glaze can explain its collection much better than I can:

Blossom into your best self with your enchanting new spring color collection. Misty pinks, violets, blues and greens cast a dewy, mystical glow. Get reay for something magical!

China Glaze

The new colors will be:

  • Mystic dawn (a brown with blue shimmer)
  • Secret rendez-blue (A blue shimmer)
  • Fairytale bliss (A coral pink shimmer)
  • Pretty as a petal (A light coral shimmer)
  • Instant sparks (a brown shimmer)
  • Bloominescence (a purple shimmer)
  • Planted & enchanted (a green metallic)
  • Bloomphoria (A purple with green shimmer)

I must say this collection definitely looks different from other spring collections we have seen so far. I can’t wait to see swatches of this collection!

You can find the Mystic Bloom collection over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link), but it is currently still out of stock.

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