Essie Spring 2022

Once again, I return to you to talk about a new Essie Spring 2022 collection. I think the collection is going to be called ‘Spring awakening’, but I’m not sure yet. I’m pretty sure this is going to be the Essie Spring 2022 collection! In case you’re wondering: it has only been spotted on the Ulta website so far, but I’m sure it will be soon available in more places (yes, including Europe and Canada probably)!

This is what Essie says about the new collection:

Cooped up no longer, it’s time for a spring awakening with on trend essie shades in this softly uplifting spring 2022 nail polish collection.

The new colors are going to be:

  • Well nested energy (pastel peach with white undertones)
  • Flight of fantasy (Pastel blue with yellow undertones)
  • Keep branching out (Pastel taupe with yellow undertones)
  • Sing songbird along (Pastel yellow with white undertones)
  • Spring awakening: pastel coral with neutral undertones
  • Stretch your wings: pastel with lilac purple undertone

Very cute, very spring in my opinion! A little disclaimer here though: I don’t think these pictures are very accurate or the description might not be very accurate. For example: ‘Stretch your wings’ is described as a Lavendar, but the picture looks more like a pink shade. I guess we have to wait for some brave people who will buy the entire collection and swatch it!

Update: The first swatches of this collection start coming in, the colors look very different from these promo-pictures. Definitely check out real swatches of this collection instead of relying on these promo-pictures.

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