Orly Spring 2022 (‘Impressions’)

Yes! I have pictures and names of the Orly Spring 2022 collection! I know a lot of you will be curious since the Colorpass started shipping today. The new Orly Spring collection for 2022 is going to be called ‘Impressions‘. It will again consist of 6 new shades:

  • Bleu iris (Bright blue creme with purple undertones)
  • Artist’s Garden (muted apple green creme)
  • Golden afternoon (muted yellow creme with orange undertones)
  • Danse with me (light peachy creme)
  • Parcs & Parasols (A warm beige/brown creme)
  • Provence at dusk (lavender purple creme)
Thanks to Fiana_c on Instagram for finding the picture!
The entire Orly Impressions collection for Spring 2022, with the shades Bleu Iris, Artist’s Garden, Danse with me, Provence at dusk, Golden afternoon and Parcs and Parasols

This is what Orly has to say about the collection:

Introducing Orly Impressions Spring 2022 Collection. This spring, bask in the splendor of simplicity. Inspired by the Impressionist era these silken cremes will have you day dreaming of leisurely strolls through the Artist’s Garden in the Golden Afternoon. As dusk settles au Provence, lay down your parasol and danse among the irises.


Clearly, the collection is inspired by Impressionism. I’m very intrigued by the ‘silken cremes’ in the description. I wonder whether these shades will be just cremes, or whether they will have some shimmer. Either way, I really like what I’m seeing so far. I found the names and descriptions of the collection over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link).

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Update: I found the collection here in the Netherlands (over here at Bransus), I picked up Bleu Iris, Provence at dusk and Artist’s garden. I haven’t received the shades yet, but will post swatches as soon as I will.

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