Catrice – Magical Allure (Gold Effect)

So I’m just going to continue with the polishes from the Catrice gold collection. Last time I’ve shown you Lustrous Seduction. This week, it’s time for its golden brother, Magical Allure.

Of course it makes sense that there is also a gold polish in the “gold effect” collection. There are even two more polishes in the collection that I would describe as gold next to Magical Allure. I would say that Magical Allure is the brownest from the collection, and has a kind of medium gold tone to it.

The polish was again really easy to work with, as with Lustrous Seduction. It covered in two coats. Somehow, I also really love this color. Maybe it is because I’m into fall colors. But I particularly liked this polish. I figured it is because it is very similar to ILNP’s Ultra Metallic finish (you can find an example over here). At least, the formula is a joy to work with, and the shine and color are quite unique. I think what I like is that it is a neutral polish, but because of the finish it becomes special.

I found out that as far as I know I don’t have any similar colors. The polish that came to mind was ILNP – That other girl. But it is quite different from what I imagined. Maybe when I dive deep into my collection, I’ll find something similar. So I keep you posted!

I have one more polish from the Catrice Gold Effect collection to show you. But if you want a complete overview of all the colors in this collection I would like to refer you to Beautyill’s post. She has an overview of all new Catrice Fall products. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a swatch of the complete collection (yet).

If you happen to find this color, I would definitely tell you; buy it! Especially if you are into this type of colors and finishes. In the Netherlands they are already available, usually at Kruidvat and sometimes at Etos.

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