Catrice More than nude Translucent Effect

In my preview of the new Catrice nail products for Fall/winter 2021, I mentioned that Catrice Cosmetics introduced a new polish line, which is an extension of Catrice’s “More than nude” line. The line is called Catrice “More than nude Translucent effect”. As a start, the new line will consist of three new colors.

This is what Catrice has to say about them:

fine multi-dimensional pearls create a modern, translucent effect for a subtle but elegant every day look.

Catrice Cosmetics (on their website)

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. In the bottle, the shades look super fun and glittery, but I was a bit worried about the “translucent” part. Since I figured more people were curious, I decided to pick them all up. So read further to find out what this collection is all about!

Catrice N-ice day

Swatch of nail polish "Catrice N-ice day"
3 coats of Catrice’s N-ice day

Catrice “N-ice day” is the white one of the collection. The polish is a pearly white, filled with pink-blue duo-chrome shimmer and larger pink flakes. When I first saw this one I was afraid it was going to be super sheer, but I have to admit, it builds up OK. In three coats you can still see my nail line, and I don’t think it will reach opacity with four coats. I don’t mind it that much since Catrice explains clearly that this is supposed to be a sheer polish.

If you like an even more translucent look, you can definitely also wear one or two coats of “N-ice day”. I’ve also applied this shade over a black polish: the result is an awesome duo-chrome finish that shifts from blue to pink. For me personally, the shimmer is a very good reason to purchase this shade!

Catrice Glitter is the answer

Swatch of nail polish "Catrice Glitter is the answer"
Three coats of Catrice Glitter is the answer

“Glitter is the answer” is the lighter pink/nude from the collection. It has even more a pearl finish than “N-ice day” and contains tiny silver glitters. This shade immediately gave me throwback vibes to 90’s and early 00’s nailpolish. If you would have given me this shade three years ago, I probably would have thrown it out. At this point, I can appreciate it, but it will never be my favorite.

I’m wearing three coats in the picture above. In my opinion, this shade is to streaky to wear it with one or two coats. At three it is still a bit streaky, but not as bad as with less coats.

Catrice Dancing Queen

Swatch of nail polish "Catrice Dancing queen"
Three coats of Catrice Dancing Queen

“Dancing queen” is the darkest pink shade. It doesn’t have a pearl finish, but it is a pink jelly filled with gold sparkles. Judging from the bottle, I expected this would be the most opaque color, but it is the sheerest. I’m wearing three coats in the swatches, and it is still very sheer. I don’t think this shade is ever going to cover completely.

Because of the pink jelly base, the polish gives a “my nail but better”-look. The shimmer in this polish makes me feel like “Dancing queen” is for people who want something special, yet extremely subtle. I think this shade would look lovely over a pink creme, although I still have to try it myself.


I do have to admit.. the shades surprised me quite a bit, maybe it’s because I had really low expectations when I started swatching these. It surprised me that “N-ice day” had a duochrome shift, and I liked “Dancing queen” because of the pink-gold combination. The only color that I would have skipped is “Glitter is the answer”. I just don’t think I will ever really wear that shade if I’m being honest. The shades are all a bit difficult to remove without a peel off basecoat. The glitters just get everywhere!

In Germany these shades should be available now, and I was told that in the Netherlands they were also going to be available starting from the 8th of August. Of course, individual stores might be slower or faster. I ordered the shades from the dutch website Boozyshop, which ships to most European countries. They always have the new Catrice products very quickly, and will probably also have the new Essence cosmetics products soon!

Something else..

My friend Luiza just started her own nail polish blog over here. Go pay her a visit if you feel like reading about more nail polish. She writes funny and reviews interesting shades that I have never seen anywhere else! I am so happy that she decided to start her own blog!

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  1. Thank you so, so much my dear for mentioning my blog! You were my inspiration to start in the first place <3 I might give 'N-ice day' a try 😉

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