New Catrice nail products for Fall/Winter 2021

Catrice and Essence have a special place in my heart when it comes to their bi-annual update. I remember that I always looked forward to their updates, especially when I was still in college, and didn’t have that much money to spend. I think the past couple of years, I didn’t pay that much attention anymore. Both Essence and Catrice changed their nail polish line multiple times, which made it difficult for me to follow what they were doing all the time. I think a lot of bloggers had the same feeling since a lot of them stopped sharing the collection updates.

However, ever since I found the perfect dupe for Essie Fiji in Catrice’s permanent line, I decided to share more about what Essence and Catrice are doing. I think both Catrice and Essence offer great quality, at a very competitive price. So it is definitely worth keeping track of what they are doing.

New Iconails shades

Catrice is going to be releasing five new iconails shades (which is their regular nail polish line).

The new Catrice Iconails shades: Dream me to NYC, Take me to Tokyo, Bring me to Morocco, Beam me to Dubai and Fly me to Kenya.

The shades are going to be:

  • Dream me to NYC (a grey/brown creme)
  • Take me to tokyo (a rose creme)
  • Bring me to Morocco (an orange creme)
  • Beam me to Dubai (a gold shimmer after seeing this shade in real life: this is a brown with silver shimmer, promo-picture is not accurate)
  • Fly me to Kenya (a warmer brown creme)

Maybe it’s just me, but these names remind me of the Essie Keep you posted collection. I’m not sure what I think about the colors, I’m not super amazed by them, but on the other hand, I can see myself wearing this in fall.

New more than nude shades

The more than nude range got introduced a while ago and already consists of several shades. I wasn’t a big fan, I secretly hoped that this line would get discontinued and replaced by something more interesting. Instead, Catrice decided to release two more colors, and three shades with a new “translucent” finish.

Catrice new more than nude shades for Fall/Winter 2021

The regular shades are going to be called:

  • where is the seashore? (a light peachy color)
  • Peach for the stars (A darker peach)
Catrice’s new more than nude shades translucent effect

The new shades with the translucent effect are going to be called:

  • N-ice day (a white shimmer)
  • Glitter is the answer (a nude shimmer)
  • Dancing queen (a pink shimmer)

To be honest with you, I’m not thrilled about these five new shades. I guess they look interesting, but I’m not convinced that I am going to like them. Maybe I should just try one or two to find out?

Update: I’ve posted swatches of the translucent effect shades over here.

New nail care products

Finally, also new nail care products are added. A new nail repair serum, which is meant to be worn overnight. A new nail whitening basecoat, and a nail repair strengthening ridge filler

new Catrice nail care: nail repair serum, whitening basecoat, and nail repair strengthening ridge filler

I’m actually pretty excited about the ridge filler. I’ve always loved ridge filling basecoat (although I don’t have ridges). The Essence ridge filling basecoat used to be my favorite, but it got discontinued a long time ago, so I hope this will be a good replacement!


In Germany, it is possible to find this new addition already. In the Netherlands, it will officially be released on August 8th.

I’m not sure whether it will be easy to find these new additions somewhere else. I was always under the impression that Catrice was easy to obtain, but I always get tons of messages on my Instagram, saying that it is quite difficult to find, and especially if you’re living outside Europe. So: I’m very sorry, I’m not sure whether these new shades will be available all everywhere.

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  1. The shimmery ones and the orange creamy look good. Sadly Catrice aren’t sold here in Scotland. I have a few that I picked up on holiday! Remember those days of easy holidays haha. Any country I visit, I always buy polish there 😀

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