Zoya Fall 2021 (Nostalgic)

A couple of days ago Zoya released a teaser for their new Fall 2021 called ‘Nostalgic’. Of course, I was very impatient and I started looking online whether I was able to find anything about this collection. It turns out, some ladies on Instagram were already able to find it! Since I know not everyone check Instagram regularly, I thought it would be easiest to post it here too!

Nostalgic will be a six-piece collection consisting of the following shades:

  • Mila (dark red)
  • Rumi (warm pink)
  • Vivi (lilac/pink)
  • Becca (dark purple)
  • Austin (blue)
  • Cooper (green)

The collection will be available mid-August.

I wish I had a little bit more information, but sadly this is all I have. I’m really looking forward to the release of this collection, and would love to find out a bit more!

Also, check out the blogpost of Never enough nails over here, she has more pictures of the colors and more elaborate descriptions of the colors!

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