Catrice – 07 Lustrous Seduction (Gold Effect)

A month ago I was in the Kruidvat (a dutch drugstore), and I already saw the new Catrice products. Catrice and Essence usually update their collection two times per year. For summer and for winter. Their new nailpolish line immediately cought me attention.

Catrice usually has a couple of “special” nail polish collections next to their regular collection. Those special nail polish collection are usually a tiny bit more unique. This time, they have a gold effect line with 8 different polishes. What they have in common is that these 8 polishes all contain a lot of gold glitter.

The first one I want to show you is Lustrous Seduction. It is a purple polish with gold shimmer, and holographic shimmer. I was pleasantly suprised by this color, it also covered easily in two coats. The purple color is also very nice and saturated, because of the gold shimmer it is also a bit warmer than other purple polishes I own.

Comparison with similar polishes. Colorwise, lustrous seduction is closest to Catrice – First class up-grape. The idea of the polish is most similar to Kiko 255 or Picture Polish Desire.

In the end I do have to say that the holographic shimmer was only outspoken when I put my camera flashlight on it. Also the removal was a bit more difficult than my regular nailpolish because of the glitter and shimmer flakies.

So.. this might be one of my favourite polishes of 2019! I bought a couple of others from this line and so far I’m really impressed by them. Stay tuned for more reviews! And if you come across them yourself, I would definitely advice you to pick them up! Lustrous seduction has exactly the right amount of glitter!

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