OPI Infinite Shine – Tagus in that selfie (Lisbon Spring 2018)

Tagus in that Selfie is another polish I found on sale at the Big Bazar (a discount store). The polish belongs to OPI’s Spring collection from 2018. Moreover, this is the infinite shine version, which is the gel-like nail polish system of OPI. This means that it should last a bit longer on your nails.

Tagus in that Selfie is a light/medium pink. It is much pinker than for example Essie’s Fiji or other light pink colors I own. I think a lot of people already own a polish like this, but I think it is a kind of color every woman should own. It’s nice and it screams summer, you can (almost) never go wrong with a color like this.

The formula is quite nice, I don’t recall any problems. Around 2-3 coats the polish covers completely, depending on how you apply it. When I used 3 coats, I had to be a little bit careful because it was a little bit prone to bubbles.

In this blogpost I explain a little bit more about OPI’s infinite shine range. OPI’s infinite shine range is a 3-step system that last a little bit longer than normal nail polish, without having the trouble of a gel nail polish. The Infinite Shine nail polishes are therefore a little bit more expensive than the regular OPI polishes. However, this particular shade should also be available in the classic OPI formula.

I really enjoyed this color. It’s a very nice basic for summer that every polish lover should have. So if you find it on sale, like me, than you should definitely consider picking it up.

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