Flormar – Rosewood Shine (Matte)

The boyfriend was this July on conference to Greece. It feels very strange to me, because it it one of the last times he will go to a conference for the university. The university has been a huge part of our lives. We both studied here and are pursuing a PhD here. It is super strange that for one of us the journey stops and I have to continue on my own. Also one of the reasons I love collecting nail polish; this polish is a special memory of this occasion now.

In Greece he picked up a -to him- random nail polish. When he came home I couldn’t be happier. It is Rosewood shine from Flormar. Flormar is a turkish brand and used to be available in the Netherlands too. For the people who don’t know; The Flormar store is comparable to the stores of Kiko Cosmetics; huge and colorful and the products have about the same price.

I was super happy with this gift, because it it basically impossible to get my hands on it in the Netherlands. The polish has a tiny brush and a matte finish. It contains tiny glitters, which make it even more special. This color is called Rosewood Shine and I immediately get why it is called that way. The formula is a little bit hard to work with and I needed three coats. Probably because of the matte finish.

As far as I know; this polish is not available in the Netherlands anymore, but it should be available on Amazon or somewhere else online.

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