Essie – Gorge ous Geodes (Gorgeous Geodes 2019)

I’ve shown you Stop, look and glisten (the darkest, almost black) and semi precious tones (golden). Gorge ous Geodes (this is what it says on my bottle, including the whitespace) is the last one that I bought from the gorgeous geodes collection. It’s the brightest from the collection, the most pink. I have to admit, it was a hard decision (because I did not want to buy the complete collection, I have other bills to pay too ;). But in the end, I tried to choose the polishes that I found the most unique. I guess that were semi precious tones, stop look and glisten and gorgeous geodes.

If you are wondering: the polishes that I did not review are Rock your world (silver), you’re a gem (brown) and of quartz (a nude color). For a nice comparison of the polishes I would like to refer you to Lola’s instagram post. I still might pick up You’re a gem, the other ones are not unique enough.

In the picture bellow I am comparing three other polishes to Essie Gorge-ous geodes. When comparing Gorge-ous Geodes I was really impressed by its holo. Kiko Cosmetics 003 is much paler and the holo is much weaker. ILNP Sweet pea has a sheet elly formula and has more a scattered holo (you can find swatches over here). ILNP that other girl contains much more gold (but is also beautiful).

So back to Gorge ous geodes. In two coats it covers fine, you might want to do a third one but it is not necessary. In general, I really enjoyed this polish and it’s one of the first polishes in a while that I really find a good addition to my nail polish collection. I haven’t had that in a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if this polish would become one of my favorite polishes of the year!

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