Essie – Stop, look and glisten (Gorgeous Geodes 2019)

This is the second polish I am showing you from the Gorgeous Geodes collection, called Stop, look and glisten. (You can find its brother over here).

Essie-stop look and glisten

Stop look and glisten is the darkest shade of the Georges Geodes. I’ve never seen a true black holographic polish, this one comes very close although I would say that it is a dark brown. It’s a very nice color, and the holographic is much stronger than I expected.

In two coats, the polish covers good enough and you can enjoy the beautiful rainbows. Also, like the other polish, this one chipped quite easily. It is al worth it because of the gorgeous holo!

Below you can see a comparison I did. I was really surprised because the holo is really strong in Essie Stop, look an Glisten, even compared to indies. ILNP Mona Lisa is also very strong and it is comparable to Stop look and glisten. I find this very impressive for Essie! Next to ILNP Private Reserve and Kiko Cosmetics 006 Essie Stop look and glisten does not look black at all but just brown. I still love the color though! I didn’t own any other colors that were close to Essie stop look and glisten.

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