Essie – Angora Cardi (Permanent Collection)

Essie Angora Cardi

Hello guys! Today I have a polish for you that I should have bought earlier.
It’s Essie Angora Cardi. A true Essie classic. It was the most pinned Essie shade for fall 2016 (probably it was also pinned a lot after that). I found Essie Angora Cardi in the designer outlet in Roermond. They have a L’oréal outlet overthere, which also sells Essie polishes for half the price. Super exciting! There were treatment polishes, the gel couture polishes, polishes from the permanent collection, and some limited edition shades. Plus if you bough 4 Essie’s, you got one more for free. So in the end you can buy 4 essie’s for 15 euros (17 dollar, Essie usually retails over here for 12 dollar)!!

Essie Angora Cardi

OK, back to Angora Cardi. I have seen it so many times, and I have considered picking it up for a few times, but in the end I never did. I definitely understand the hype around this color now. It is só flattering! If I could only wear one more polish for the rest of my life, it would probably be this one. It is not that it is anything special, I would say a dusty red. I believe Essie calls it a deep, dusty rose, which I agree with. It is more muted than a normal red, which makes it very sophisticated, and sometimes it is even almost brown.

The formula was perfect! I haven’t seen or heard anyone complain about the formula. For me, it covered in two coats.

Angora Cardi immediately reminded me of Island Hopping. To be honest, I was already extremely enthusiastic about Island Hopping, but I think I might like Angora Cardi a tiny bit better!

And as an extra: Angora Cardi was released in 2009, for Fall in the “Cuddle with color” collection. You can find all the polishes from that collection over here. The fun thing is, 10 (!) years after the release, a lot of them are still available! I guess that collection was very successful.

Would I recommend this polish to you? Yes! This is definitely a polish worth investing in, even if you find it for the full price! You can still easily find it over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

EDIT May 2020: This shade is now part of the originals remixed collection, which means that it is available in a version with a beautiful print and a “remixed” version of this polish is available called “Satin Slip”. You can find Satin Slip over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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