Simple nail art with striping tape and holo

Nails with nail art using striping tape and holo nail polish

Today, I’m going to show you a nail art with the polish I showed you earlier, ILNP – that other girl.

I wore That other girl for some days, but it started chipping after around 6 days. I didn’t want to take it off yet, so I came up with a nail art to cover up the chipping.

Nail art

First, I started with a base of ILNP – that other girl, which was already dry (this is very important!). After this I cut some pieces of striping tape and put it on my nails in the shape that I wanted.

Nails with striping time on them, that are about to get painted to create a nail art

For this design I was inspired by a nail art I saw on FunLacquer’s Instagram page, that was made by Sveta Sanders. She used holographic polishes from FunLacquer. Since I do not own any of those polishes, I had to come up with different ones. Because I like the combine holo and creme finishes, I decided to use Kiko – 227 Dark Rouge Noir over That other girl.

Nails with simple nail art design, showing the polishes that are used, ILNP that other girl and Kiko 227

Kiko 227 is a dark red nail polish, which in most cases looks just like a normal black polish. It has a perfect formula and covers almost completely in one coat. It is therefore perfect to use it in nail arts. If you apply the polish over the striping tape, you have to remember that you have to take the striping tape off immediately and in the reverse order that you have put it on. Otherwise you are going to ruin the design.

The final nail art with striping tape. In the background showing ILNP that other girl and Kiko 227


I really like how this combination turned out! I felt a little bit sad to cover up the holo, but I really like how it pops underneath! This nail art was much easier than I expected it to be. I had used striping tape before, but I always waited too long before I took it off. This is the first time that it really looks nice!

What do you think? Have you ever used striping tape before?


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