Shoplog July: Picture polish, ILNP and Essie


Today I have got a “little” shoplog for you. I’m actually a little ashamed about the amount of nail polish I have bought this month! But I have to admit, I’m really happy with all of them.

Picture Polish

Above you are seeing my most recent purchase, two bottles of Picture Polish! This week, Picture Polish has released 6 new shades, including a collaboration with Simply Nailogical. It is called Holo Sphere and is a black jelly polish packed with a ton of shimmer, glitter and of course scattered holo. I first doubted if I really liked it, because I usually don’t like polishes with larger particles, but the longer I’ve got it the more I like it!

The second one I bought is salt water. It is not from this collection, but from the collection they released this spring. I knew I needed to have it, but I wanted to wait a little longer so I could order it together with another polish. And.. It was also sold out for a long time! So when there was a restock, when Picture Polish released their new collection, I knew I had to put it in my basket.

I really like the recent collection of Picture Polish, I have two more of their polishes on my wishlist. But I didn’t want to order any more because I already bought a lot of nail polish this month!

showing 5 Essie nail polish bottles


Yes! I bought a massive amount of Essie nail polishes this month. The mint colored is Blossom Dandy, the middle one Garden Variety, the pink one is Fiji, the bronze is Leggy Legend and the blurple is All Access Pass.

Fiji was my first lemming ever. I was always on the look for a good dupe, since Fiji wasn’t sold here. I think I might have 10 polishes that I expected to be Fiji dupes. But now I finally have the real one! It suddenly appeared on a big dutch website called and of course I had to order it as fast as I could.

The rest of the polishes I have found at a dutch store called Big Bazar. They were sold for 4 euro per bottle ( they are normally sold here for 10), so I couldn’t let this deal pass and immediately bought 4!

Showing 3 nail polish bottles from the ILNP summer 2016 collection


If you have seen my previous posts, one of these bottles probably looks familiar, since I already showed ILNP That Other Girl and did a nail art with it. The ILNP Summer 2016 collection also was a collection I couldn’t live without. From left to right you are seeing: That Other Girl, Storytelling and Interstellar.

ILNP keeps surprising me every time, I’m so glad I discovered this brand! They are a little cheaper than Picture Polish and their holo is stronger. If you are looking for some great holographic nailpolish, I recommend that you check this brand out!

And that’s it! What do you think? Too much? Did you buy any nail polish this month?

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