Picture Polish – Holo Sphere (by Simply Nailogical)

Showing the bottle of Picture polish holo spere

Today I’m showing you the newest member of my nail polish family: Picture Polish Holo Sphere.

The Australian indie brand Picture Polish always does amazing collaborations. Holo Sphere is one of their most recent shades and it is a collaboration with Cristine from Simply Nailogical. Cristine is the queen of holo so I knew it had to be an awesome polish!

Swatch of picture polish holo sphere

Holo Sphere is a black jelly and it is stuffed with almost every type of glitter you can imagine! It contains scatter holo particles, bigger silver holo glitters, smaller silver glitters and even duochrome shimmer. It really looks like a galaxy. A little bit different than the galaxies we know from multichrome nail polishes, but more like the true night sky. But when the holo comes out to play and the duochrome shimmer is visible, it is whole different story!

Swatch of Picture polish holo sphere showing the duochrome glitter it contains

Normally I do not like polishes that contain larger glitter, but when Cristine makes a nail polish it just has to be awesome. So I let go my hate for larger glitter particles and bought it anyway. And I have to admit, I’m glad I did because the larger glitter adds something extra. I see them as bigger planets in an endless dark sky.

Swatch of picture polish holo sphere showing the holo

Holo Sphere is a little bit on the thick side because it contains so much types of glitter. I had to apply three coats of polish to make it completely opaque. To smooth it out, I had to apply two coats of topcoat. On some of the pictures, you can see that the polish lies a little bit thicker on the nails. But in return, you have a very pretty polish on your nails!

I bought this polish at the dutch stockist Pretty Polish, but Picture Polish has many stockists all over the world.

What do you think about Holo Sphere?

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