Review of Essie – Party on a platform (Winter 2016)

picture of the bottle of essie party on a platform

Today, another review of a polish from the new Essie Winter 2016 collection! I’ve already shown you Satin Sister, which turned out to be a true favorite! Today I have the red of the collection, Party on a platform. I have to admit, beforehand, this polish excited me the least of the whole Winter collection, but Party on a platform really surprised me.

swatch of essie party on a platform

Party on a platform is a true Christmas red nail polish. It is a vampy red nail polish, but it is light enough such that it never leans black. I have to admit I think Essie already has a million shades that are very close to this one. But, these type of shades just belong in a Christmas collection. In my drugstore they are also always the first shades that are sold out! How curious right? When I went to my Essie stash, I saw that Shall we chalet, from last year’s Winter collection was very similar. Party on a platform leans a little bit more pink and Shall we chalet contains a few more drops of black.

swatch of essie party on a platform

The application of this polish was very easy, which really surprised me! It almost covered in one coat, but on some nails I could still see my tips. So, I’m wearing two coats on these pictures. The only tip that I have left, is to be very careful around the cuticle, because this polish immediately stains the skin around the nails!

essie party on a platform

In conclusion, Party on a platform is not the most groundbreaking color ever. I can even safely say that this is the most boring color of the Essie Winter 2016 collection. But, if you are looking for a nice basic red. Then this one might be for you! The formula will not disappoint you. If you already have a big nail polish collection with a billion of red shades, I would skip this one and buy another from the Winter collection!

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