Review of ILNP – The harpist (Fall 2016)

Bottle of ILNP the harpistBy now, you probably now that I’m a big fan of ILNP nail polish. When Hypnotic Polish, one of ILNP’s stockists in Europe, was having a black Friday sale, I didn’t have to think twice! One of the polishes I picked is ILNP – The harpist. Is a golden metallic nailpolish from ILNP’s Fall 2016 collection. ILNP calls this finish Ultra Metallic and I was very excited to try it!

swatch of ilnp the harpist

The harpist is a gold metallic nail polish. It is not regular gold but it leans a little bit towards bronze/copper. It really reminds me of fallen leaves! The finish is what ILNP calls “Ultra metallic”. This basically means that the polish consists of small metallic flakies mixed with holographic glitter. I am super impressed by this finish! I have never seen it in any other polish and it gives a super shiny effect! In regular lighting the holographic effect is hard to see, but when the light hits, the polish becomes even more impressive!

swatch of ilnp the harpist in direct light, which really shows the holographic effect

The formula of The harpist is also amazing! On the swatches I am wearing two coats. When I applied the first coat, I was a little bit afraid that it was too sheer to cover in two coats. But when I applied the second coat, it covered completely, to my surprise! I wouldn’t recommend applying three, because I think it will become a little bit too thick. The polish is not completely smooth when applied, but it also doesn’t have a textured finish. For this reason, I would recommend to use a topcoat!

swatch of the harpist

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m super impressed by The harpist! And I’m not the only one, because I got tons of compliments. It’s just a very impressive polish and it’s hard to not grab someones attention with it. I was a little bit hesitant to try the Ultra metallic finish. But now that I did, I want to buy them all! Luckily ILNP already has a lot of Ultra Metallics and they are even releasing more for this Winter/New year’s collection. Yes!

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