ILNP – Ski lodge (Winter 2015 collection)

Picture of the bottle of ILNP Ski lodge

I’m (not so) slowly extending my ILNP collection. They are just too gorgeous and I need them all! I already have a new order coming in! For now, one of my most recent purchases is ILNP – Ski lodge. ILNP released Ski lodge last winter. Ever since then, I was already dreaming about this polish, but I only bought it last month. But it was definitely worth the wait!

swatch of ILNP ski lodge

ILNP – Ski lodge is a dark green jelly. It contains scattered holographic particles and small golden flakes. I had to look really carefully for the golden flakes, because the holographic effect is so overwhelming. At first I was afraid that this polish was too close to being black. However, I find that the golden flakes lighten the color and make the polish look even more green.

swatch of ILNP ski lodge in direct light

The formula of Ski lodge was nice, but it was a little bit on the thin side. I really expected it to cover in two coats, since it is such a dark color. But since the formula is really thin, I ended up doing three coats. Even then I had to make my last coat a little bit thicker than I usually do. It wasn’t really a problem, since the polish dried very quick, it was just a little bit different from what I expected.

swatch of ilnp ski lodge

I really like Ski lodge. Somehow, it makes me feel really sophisticated. This polish is perfect for the holiday season, but to be honest, I also really like it for Fall. The holographic effect is super strong, as in most ILNP nail polishes as I have tried and I definitely find that Ski lodge is a perfect addition to my collection! I’ve bought Ski lodge at the dutch stockist, Hypnotic Polish, but for other stockist you can look at the website of ILNP itself.

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