Painted Polish – Cider Season (Gobble ’til you wobble)

picture of the nail polish bottle of painted polish cider seasonI really like to try new brands that I have never tried before. Today I have a polish from Painted Polish called Cider Season. I’ve seen pictures of Painted Polish an incredible amount of time, but I’ve never bought one myself. Painted Polish is an indie brand that makes incredible glitter polishes. I never really liked glitter polishes, until I saw Cider Season, wow! I just knew I needed to have this one! Painted Polish released Cider Season in their “Gobble ’til you wobble” collection, which is an ode to Thanksgiving. The colors of this collection are right up my alley. They somehow all make me think of fallen leaves! I had a hard time picking up only a few, but I knew I definitely needed Cider season!

swatch of painted polish cider season in direct light

Cider season is a dusty orange polish with an enormous amount of holo glitter. The glitter is really small, so the accurate name would probably holo microglitter. Somehow, I don’t like big glitter particles, but I like microglitter a lot better. I don’t know exactly, but to me, they feel much more classy. I tried my best to capture how gorgeous this color sparkles, but I couldn’t capture its complete beauty. On the internet I saw some other pictures in which it looked really bright and orange, but it really does not look that way. It is a true dusty/burnt orange which almost looks brown.

swatch of painted polish cider season in indirect lighting

In the pictures I am wearing three coats. I think some people might be happy with two, but I really wanted to have an even coat of glitter every where. So in that case you definitely need three. The polish was on the thick side and it was a little bit hard to manipulate. But of course, that is due to the amount of glitter, so I forgive the polish 😉 It wasn’t impossible to paint with it or anything, just a little bit harder than a normal polish. It also dries gritty and matte, so I’m wearing two coats of topcoat to get a completely smooth finish. The last thing that you need to know is that it is kind of hard to remove. But that’s why a peel of basecoat was invented!

swatch of painted polish cider season in direct lighting

I’m so glad I’ve tried my first Painted Polish! I think Cider Season is definitely a must-have if you like fallen leave-colors and holographic polishes like me. I’m curious to see what new collections Painted Polish will come up with and I already have some older polishes on my wishlist! I bought mine at Hypnotic Polish, but you can also check out Painted Polish’s own website.

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