OPI Fall 2020 (Muse of Milan) + some swatches

Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels

OK, so after the Essie Fall 2020 collection is here (check here) now also the OPI Fall 2020 collection is already here! It is called Muse of Milan.

The collection is inspired by the beautiful Italian city Milan (is it me or does OPI really like Italy). The collection consists of 12 shades and two different types of mini sets (one for the infinite shine range and one for their regular range both contain different colors).

The names of the colors are as follows: Addio bad news, ciao great nails (a light lilac, with a grey shimmer), My Italian is a little rusty (a darker burnt orange shade, or “rust”), Have your panettone and eat it too ( a lighter orange), Suzi talks with her hands (a medium grey with a hint of green), Complimentary wine (a bordeaux red), OPI nails the runway (a silver/lilac shimmer), Drama at la scala (a green turqoise), Duomo days Isola nights ( a blue leaning turqoise), Fall-ing for Milan (a shimmer-y medium brown), Gallerio Vittoria Violet (a light purple with pink shimmer), Leonardo’s model color (a purple with gold shimmer), This color hits all the high notes (a white pearl).

I immediately see that this collection is going to be a popular one! My guess is that Leonardo’s model color is going to be very popular and Addio bad nails ciao great nails is going to be popular. The other shimmers will probably do great too. And have you seen those oranges (Have your panetone and eat it too and My Italian is a little rusty)? The perfect pumpkin spice latte shades if you ask me. I also love the greys and blue/green shades. Basically I love this complete collection. Complementary wine gives me a bit of Mrs O’leary’s BBQ vibes (a long discontinued OPI shade).

I think the nice thing about this collection is that even when you are a huge polish hoarder (like me) all of these shades (maybe except Complementary wine) are really unique and different from previous OPI collections. If I compare all these shades to my current nail polish collection, they are just really different!

The OPI Muse of Milan collection is available on Amazon right now. Click here to check them out (affiliate link) and click here for their Infinite shine sisters (affiliate link).

Update August 2020: So far the only color I decided to pick up is Leonardo’s model color, you can find swatches of this color over here. I picked up the following colors myself and swatched them: Leonardo’s model color, This color hits all the high notes, and Suzi talks with her hands. If I have a chance to pick up another color I would definitely get My Italian is a little rusty (the dark orange one).

Update October 2020: I also was finally able to find My Italian is a little rusty. It was constantly sold out in stores near me, but I finally found it. Swatches are hopefully coming soon! Honestly, I really enjoy this collection and it has been really tempting just to pick them all up. Be sure to also check out the mini sets of this collection. They have a lot of awesome colors too. If your more into Holiday vibes already, be sure to check out OPI’s Holiday collection over here.

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    1. From the pictures I have seen from the city Milan, I definitely understand why this collection contains so much brown. But for nail polish I also feel a bit “mehh”

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