Essie – Suits you swell (Sunny Business summer 2020)

I am a little bit later with swatching this polish. I was not sure whether the Sunny Business collection would be available to me. Therefore I couldn’t be more happy to see that Zalando had some of them in stock. Seas the day and sunny business were the ones that I really wanted, but of course those were not available. I ended up settling for Suits you swell. Read further to hear my thoughts about this purple.

Suits you swell is a mauve, purple creme it definitely reminds me a bit of lavender. I always feel drawn to this type of shades, so it is no surprise that I picked this one up. It definitely contains more pink than I expected, but it is such a fun shade. Two coats of suits you swell gave perfect coverage. I have nothing to complain about it formula wise. It was just great.

Suits you swell is definitely not the only purple polish I own. I expected it to be very close to Essie Ciao Effect. However, as it turns out Ciao effect is much cooler and much more greyed out. Compared to Ciao effect Suits you swell seems almost pink. The other one that immediately came to mind was OPI Purple Palazzo pants. It indeed is the same color family and is quite close. Suits you swell is a bit darker and not as much of a pastel as PPP. I compared it to Island Hopping, but that one isn’t even close. I think Suits you swell might be very similar to OPI One Heckla of a color from the Icelan d Fall 2017 collection, but I don’t have that polish so I am not 100 percent sure.

Comparison of various shades to Essie suits you swell. OPI purple palazzo pants is closest to suits you swell.

Now that I have looked more closely into the Sunny Business collection, I’m really enthousiastic, what an awesome collection! I am actually pretty sure that this collection contains all the polish colors that you need this summer. Ranging from a shimmer-y yellow to a light pink and much more. I would be thrilled if I could get my hands on more polishes. If you’re interested in all colors of the sunny business collection, check out this post.

Suits you swell is available over here on Amazon (affiliate link). For the other polishes of the Sunny Business collection click here (affiliate link). I was finally able to see a few of the other shades in real life, and I am especially impressed by the yellow shade and namesake of the collection. The golden shimmers in that polish are just incredible!

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