Essie Hemmed on the horizon Gel Couture Fall 2020

OK I am not going to lie, I was super surprised that there is already a new Essie Gel Couture collection. Over here, the Sunset Soiree collection is not even released yet. The new collection is called Hemmed on the Horizon and consists of 6 gorgeous shades.

The colors are called The Last Resort (medium coral creme), Flight of the Fanta-sea (light lilac), Gone with the Breeze (magenta creme), Hemmed on the Horizon (muted medium pink), Stitched & Sandy (a light coral) and Sandy Soles (medium coral but more burnt orange than the last resort).

For swatches, check out the following video by Brandi.

Honestly, all the colors look great together! The collection has kind of the same vibe as the Sunset Soiree collection, meaning that is kind of a gradient of colors with one pop of color. When I look at the complete collection, I don’t immediately think of fall. However, some of the shades seperately are very Fall appropriate. I also now that some people don’t like traditional seasonal shades, so I guess this collection is for everyone. It also kind of reminded me of collections that OPI did in the 90’s and the 00’s: collections consisting of 15 shades of pink.

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