China Glaze Spellbound (Halloween collection 2020)

As you might have noticed it is a bit quiet around China Glaze. I found a reason explaining this. Apparently China Glaze had some problems with the C-word, and were forced to skip their Summer collection and Fall collection. However, their Halloween collection will be released and it looks like it is going to be a nice one!

The collection is going to be called Spellbound. It consists of 6 shades, and are in a display together with Ghoulish Glow (China Glaze’s glow in the dark shade). What is a bit difficult to see in the instagram post is that most of the new colors are gorgeous shimmers.

The colors are called Payback’s a witch, Hex Boyfriend, Having a Crystal ball, Kiss & Spell, Spell the tea, Covens & caviar. Quite funny names right?

Payback’s a witch is a orange polish with shimmer. It kind of has the same vibes as Essie’s don’t be spotted. Kiss and Spell is a red/ berry shade with shimmers and dries with a semi-matte finish. Having a crystal ball is a blue duochrome polish. Spell the tea is a glossy polish with different colors of shimmer. Covens and caviar is a black matte polish and Hex Boyfriend is a green shimmer that dries matte.

If you’re looking for swatches, I can definitely recommend Megan’s instagram post over here. She does amazing swatches and I think she is the first!

I’ve heard people already have spotted this collection in some physical stores, so definitely keep your eyes open on your next shopping trip! If I have more news I will update this post.

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