New Essence and Catrice products Fall/Winter 2020

So I apologize, I am a bit late with sharing this update from Essence and Catrice. Every half year, Essence and Catrice update their permanent collection. Usually, that also means new nail products.


Catrice is going to add 5 colors to their Iconails gel lacquer line (their regular collection). The colors are all pink/purple (think Essie Island hopping or Ciao effect). They have a “special” shade since their are also creating their 100th Iconnails color. This is a rose gold shimmer polish. It looks quite pretty in the bottle, but I will wait until I see some swatches.

They are also going to add a base and topcoat in one: Natural All In 1 Hardening Base & Top Coat. Personally, I am quite curious whether this product will work. Since in my experience those 2-in-1 products are usually not as good as seperate base and topcoat.

They also have some new products in the nail care department. Catrice is releasing a 99% Natural Nail Oil, which is vegan and has a pipette. Looks very interesting and it is not that expensive. I honestly thought they already had a product like this, but is sounds like it got reformulated to meet the “99 percent natural” requirement.

They also will be adding a 90% Natural Cuticle Remover. I personally do not use this type of product, but it might be interesting if you want to get rid of your cuticles.

Update October 2020: What I forgot to mention is that here are also new colors of the “more than nude nail polish” added to the collection.


Essence is starting a new nail polish line. The basecoat is called Clean & care and is supposed to be a nourishing basecoat. The color line is called Clean & strong and consists of 7 new colors. Some of them are dark fall colors, but some are also very light blue and pink shades.

The colors are: Pink clouds ( a sheer pink), Moony fog ( a neutral), Rainy Bay (a light blue), brisk dawn ( a pastel orange), Loud Poppy (bright red), Vibrant magma (dark red), Juicy terra (a darker neutral).

They also add a topcoat Clean & Glam which is a topcoat with gold glitter.

Essence is also coming with a new topcoat called Extreme gel topcoat. It is supposed to be a reformulated version of their regular gel topcoat.

To help dry your nail polish faster, they have added an express nail dry spray. I thought they already had something similar, but this might also be a reformulated version.

There are going to be 8 new Shine last and go polishes. Disco Fever (a metallic copper), Rock your body (a bright pink), Free spirit ( a dark muted purple), A star is born ( an iridescent topper), Never say never ( a turqoise/christmas tree color), Sunset lover (a salmon/coral shade), Sweet dreams ( a blue leaning light purple), Into the unknown (very dark creme, probably inspired by the night sky). You can ifind the new Shine last and go colors over here on German Amazon (affiliate link).

My opinion

The changes are not revolutionary, but I am happy that Catrice and Essence more or less keep everything the same with some minor updates. Their products line is quite solid at the moment I think. I only hoped that they would add some special nail art or glitter topcoat, but that’s no bigdeal. I will certainly check these new products out ones they are in stores!

If you want to see all the new products, I recommend this post for Catrice and this post for Essence (both in dutch, but the pictures are nice).

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