Kiko – 356 Mango (Permanent collection)

bottleshot of Kiko - 356 Mango

Do you know that feeling that you really want to try a different color for once? I had that when I ordered Kiko – 356 Mango. But then other polishes arrived and Kiko – 356 ended up somewhere in my untried stash. For 1.5 years! I’m feeling very guilty, but sometimes this just happens. It even happened to me when I only had 5 nail polishes. Some colors are just meant to be worn more often than others.

swatch of Kiko - 356 Mango

Kiko – 356 is a mix between orange and yellow, but I find that it leans a little bit more yellow than orange. Kiko describes it as mango, which comes very close in my opinion. In some lighting it looks a little bit dusty, while in other conditions, it looks more bright. This is one of the reasons that it took me so long to wear. In fall I felt like it was too bright, and in summer I was convinced that is was more a fall color. It doesn’t matter of course, but I just wasn’t feeling like wearing it.

Swatch of Kiko - 356 is natural lighting

Now that I’m actually wearing it, I kind of regret not wearing it earlier. It covered perfect in three coats and the formula was quite easy. Most yellows have a terrible formula and require more than three coats, so I’m very glad with this one. In the end, I really like how it looks and I should have worn it earlier. Right now, it fits the weather here perfectly. It’s not yet fall, but it is not as hot as in summer anymore. I planned to wear it only for a couple of days, but I ended up wearing it for 6 days. It stayed on quite well, with only some tipwear.

Swatch of Kiko - 356 Mango

I bought this polish on the Kiko webshop for 2.50 euro 1.5 years ago, when it was on sale. I’ve checked it and they still sell it for 2.50, so it must be some kind of permanent sale. But I believe that the price depends on the country that you’re ordering from. Kiko does not sell all their colors in their stores, so I’m not really sure if you can buy this one in a Kiko store.

What do you think? Do you like this color?

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