Picture Polish – Remember (Summer 2016)

swatch of picture polish remember
I was actually planning to wear Picture Polish – Saltwater. But then my boyfriend announced that he had ordered nail polish. Yes! I love nail mail even more when I haven’t bought it myself! Nothing feels as nice as opening a package of nail polish without knowing what’s inside! When I saw the package from Pretty Polish, I knew that it had to be Picture Polish! Yes! Lucky me! Inside were Remember and Eerie!! Both are super pretty, but I decided to wear Remember first.

Remember is a collaboration between Julie from Melyne nail art and Picture Polish. They created it as a tribute to Julie’s dad. I really like the idea behind this polish and I love the infinity symbol on the bottle!

swatch of picture polish remember

Picture Polish describes this polish as marsala, which was the color of the year of 2015. I think that is a perfect description. Inside it looks a little bit like a dusty red with a hint of pink. Outside the pink comes out to play and it looks more like a dusty pink/purple color. Remember covers in two easy coats. The formula is perfect and the Picture Polish brush is always so easy to work with!

swatch of picture polish remember

Picture Polish has several kinds of holographic finishes, but I like this one the best. It’s the same finish as Escapades, Cosmos and Bordeaux have. Remember has more of a creme finish, whereas those other polishes are more jelly-like. The holographic effect is very subtle, but it looks very nice when the sun hits the nail! Do not expect a very strong rainbow like ILNP, but a more subtle version!

Swatch of picture polish remember

I really love Remember, even more in real life. I’m really glad my boyfriend bought it for me, because I don’t think I would have bought it for myself anytime soon. However, I wouldn’t mind to wear this polish for the rest of my life, since I think it’s perfect for every season. You will probably see this polish more often!

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