Essie – All Access Pass (Neons 2015)

Bottle shot of Essie all access pass

It is again time for another Essie polish I bought recently, Essie – All Access Pass. Before you are going to look at any pictures, I want to apologize. So far, this has been the most impossible shade to capture. When I look at my nails and look at my screen I see an entirely different color! I think the bottle shot looks the most realistic. In the pictures with the grey background you can also see that it is purple, if you have a little imagination. But in the other shot.. my camera just refused to make this color look the same!
essie all access pass

Although I’m a little bit angry, I really like this polish! All Access Pass is a bright blurple (in between blue and purple) nail polish. It’s from the Neon 2015 collection. I personally wouldn’t classify it as a neon, but just as a nice bright polish. It has a jelly finish and it dries a little bit matte. But once you apply a topcoat, it looks incredibly shiny.

swatch of Essie all access pass

Because of the jelly finish I needed two coats and on some nails even three. It didn’t bother me, since All Access Pass has a perfect formula. I tested if the polish was any brighter over white, but it only made a small difference. To me, it was not worth the trouble. The only downside I can think of, is that it chipped quite fast on my nails. I have this more often with “neon” polishes, so I expected this already. But I liked the color and wanted to wear it longer!
Essie all access pass

Overall, I’m very pleased with All Access Pass. It gave me an instant summer feeling and it just made me very happy! All Access Pass belongs to the Neon 2015 Limited Edition. It can therefore be a little bit harder to find. I bought it at a Dutch store called, Big Bazar, where they were selling Essie polishes from discontinued collections. So maybe when you are in the Netherlands, you can buy it for a nice price!

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