Saran wrap nail art with Essie polishes

Nails with saran wrap nail art in turquoise and bronze

It’s again time for some nail art! I created this nail art using saran wrap and I think this type of nail art is among the most easy designs I have ever done. It took me 15 minutes to create this, which is even shorter than painting my nails! The big advantage is that it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Essie bottles of leggy legend and garden variety

I was already wearing two coats of Essie – Garden Variety and I wasn’t ready to take it off. So I used it as my base coat. After this, I took out some saran wrap and made it into a ball. There are two options how you can use the saran wrap. The first one is painting your second color on the ball of saran wrap and to dip it on you nails. The second one is to paint your nails with the second color and use the saran wrap to take the color off. Since I wanted to use my base color as my “main” color, I used the first method.

The second color that I used was Essie – Leggy Legend from the Fall 2015 collection. I haven’t worn this color yet as a full manicure, but I have heard that it’s amazing! The polish was perfect for this nail art since it’s very opaque.

Saran wrap nail art done with two essie nail polishes

I really like the color combination and I am really happy with the final result. It reminds me of a mineral called turquoise, although my base color is a little bit too dark. It’s a surprise how each nail will turn out, because it depends on the piece of saran wrap used.

Nails with saran wrap nail art

Now that I have finally tried out the saran wrap nail art, I can’t wait to try different color combinations. I think it might be a pretty easy way to make a stone marble nail art, by using a grey and white polish. But you can also go crazy and  “stamp” different colors, such that you get a more complex design.

Have you ever tried the saran wrap nail art?


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