ILNP – Rolling Hills (Spring 2016)

picture of the bottle of ILNP Rolling hills

The Ultra Metallic polishes of ILNP are truly addictive. I have already shown you The harpist and Private Reserve, that are also ultra metallics. Rolling Hills is one of my newest additions, an icy mint color. I think this type of finish has quickly become one of my favorites, so I expect that many more swatches will come 😉

swatch of ILNP rolling hills

Rolling hills is a mint colored polish. It is not your usual metallic polish, because it consists completely of metallic flakes. Because of the metallic flakes, this polish is the most reflective I have ever seen. It is not like a usual metallic polish, which usually means that the polish contains shimmer or is a frost, but it truly looks like metal. Next to the metallic particles, the polish also contains holographic particles. In regular light you cannot see these holographic particles, but once the light hits right you can see all these amazing rainbows!

The polish needed two coats to become completely opaque. However I’m never sure if the polish is really opaque, or that my eyes just can’t see the bald spots anymore because of the reflections. Rolling hills is a little bit thick, but not annoying or hard to apply at all. The removal is a little bit tricky. The flakes will get everywhere and will stick to the skin. For me, this polish is definitely worth the trouble. However when you’re in a hurry, it might be worth considering this!

swatch of ILNP rolling hills

Overall I’m very happy with this polish. I think the Ultra Metallic finish is truly unique, especially when you live in a place where people only use drugstore brands. KBshimmers and Cirque Colors have similar finishes to the Ultra Metallics finish.

I bought Rolling Hills at Hypnotic Polish, which is ILNP’s dutch stockist. You can also buy it directly from ILNP, or one of their other stockists.

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