OPI- Yoga-ta get this blue (Permanent Collection)

Picture of the bottle of OPI Yoga-ta get this blue, which is a blue shimmery polish

Last week I was on a business trip to Copenhagen. I still had some Danish Krones (the official currency of Denmark) left, which I “needed” to spent before I went back home. On the airport they had a huge beauty corner and an OPI isle. This is actually the first time I have bought OPI at an official retailer! OPI Yoga-ta get this blue has been on my wish list forever, so it was a no-brainer.

Swatch of OPI Yoga-ta get this blue

Yoga-ta get this blue is a dark blue polish, with a metallic finish. What I love about this polish is that is it dark and vampy, but it never looks like a regular black polish. I think because of the shimmer, it always looks blue. The formula of this polish was also amazing. It covered in two easy coats.

Comparison of OPI yoga-ta get this blue with Essie bell bottom blues, Essie aruba blue and Kiko522

Because I own quite a lot of blue shimmery polish, I grabbed a couple for a comparison! Yoga-ta get this blue contains less green than Essie Bell bottom blues. Kiko 522 is darker and contains larger shimmer particles. Essie Aruba blue is much lighter. China glaze Combat blue-ts, that has a matte finish and is a much brighter kind of blue.

swatch of OPI Yoga-ta get this blue

I think it is fair to say that Yoga-ta get this blue is my favorite metallic blue. That says a lot coming from me, because I love all the metallic blues! For me it has all the perfect characteristics; it is a vampy color, but it is always clear that you’re wearing a blue and not a black. Furthermore, the formula is just amazing especially in combination with the OPI brush.

OPI Yoga-ta get this blue was released in the OPI India Collection (back in Spring 2008!). However it is still widely available because OPI has included it in their permanent collection. It is quite strange, because the OPI permanent collection is in my experience not the same in every store. At least it is still easy to find on the internet! You can find it over here on Amazon for example (affiliate link).

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