Essence – We will spock you (Out of space stories)

bottle of we will spock you, a grey holographic polish released by Essence

Essence and Catrice update their collection every September and February. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the the update of Essence’s general line “the gel nail polish”. But when I looked further, I noticed that they had a new collection called “Out of space stories” and my heart skipped a beat! They all looked very special, but some were holographic! Finally, holographic budget shades! Of course, I threw almost all of the colors into my shopping basket. Today I’m showing the grey one, We will spock you.

We will spock you is a grey holographic polish. To me, it is the most standard holographic polish that exists. I think most indie brands have released a shade like this. Even some drugstore brands have released a shade like this. The holographic effect is really subtle. On a cloudy day it is almost impossible to spot a rainbow. But in artificial light or in bright sunlight, a small rainbow appears. It is almost nothing compared to the holographic polishes some indie brands produce, and it is definitely nothing compared to holographic pigment. However, I’m still really glad that Essence decided to make budget holographic polishes!

The formula was a little bit on the sheer side. I am wearing three coats in these pictures, but in real life I could still see a little bit of my nail shining through. I’m almost sure that you need four coats if you have really white tips. The consistency was quite thin, which made it easy to apply and it dried quickly.

I find it nice that Essence released a holographic polish again. But after wearing it for a couple of days, I actually grew tired of this polish. It is not too special, most indie brands have released way more interesting colors. It is a little bit unfair to compare We will spock you to indie brands however. We will spock you costs only 1.99 euro, so almost nothing compared to indie brands! If you’re looking for a cheap holographic polish, this is the one. But when you are looking for the most interesting and super holographic polish, then you’d better skip this one!

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