Review of ILNP – Interstellar (Summer 2016)

If you’ve read my favorites of 2016 post, you probably now that ILNP Interstellar is one of my favorite polishes of 2016. It actually still is one of my favorite polishes. It is truly amazing. I’ve finally worn it again and today I’m showing you the pictures!

Intestellar is a blue duochrome polish that has green shimmer, but also shifts to purple. It also contains amazing scattered holographic particles. Yes it is a lot, but it results in an amazing galaxy polish. Really, if I’m looking at the pictures again, I’m falling in love all over again with this polish.

In the first two photographs in this post I’m wearing Interstellar on its own. In this way, it covers in three coats, because it is a little bit on the sheer side. I think if you have really white tips, you might even need four coats to make it opaque. That’s literally the only downside of this polish.

In the last two pictures, I’m wearing it over a black polish. When wearing it over black, you can use one coat. However, I’m wearing two coats because it makes it even more intense. Honestly, the result is SO GOOD!!  I love how you can create totally different looks with the same color, just by changing the color of the base. I think that it might also look amazing over a blue or green. But I haven’t tried it so far, but it’s on my list.

Yep, now that I have worn this polish again, it is still a favorite. It is definitely on top of my list of favorite ILNP polishes. It’s too bad that it’s a little bit on the sheer side, but I think this is part of the reason of the awesome effect. So I can definitely forgive this polish its flaw. I’m secretly hoping ILNP will release more shades like this one.

Have you already seen ILNP new spring collection? I’m still wondering which one to get!

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